In Avestrue the two farmers Georgie Meadowbolt and Barnabas Goodbeet are having A Boundary Dispute over an apple tree. The party has the possibility to try and mediate in this. No matter how you do that, the end result will be that the apple tree is saved.

Relevant NPCsEdit

Questlog EntriesEdit

  • A Boundary Dispute
    • Now that I've resolved their differences perhaps I can enjoy the countryside instead of listening to all that quarreling.
      • Resolve the Dispute
        • I managed to resolve their dispute. Aahh... at last I can enjoy some peace and quiet. As long as farmers can still fight over an apple tree all is well in the Principality of Kosh.


  • 10 AP for the mediation attempt.
  • 5 AP for resolving the conflict.
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