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A Brief History of Ferdok

The History of Ferdok

867 v. BF: The founding of Ferdok (originally known by its Bosparanian name of Vadocia)

162 BF: The Great River changes its course and cuts Ferdok off from the waterway. Ferdok loses its influence as a riverside trading city.

270 BF: Ferdok is re-established on the banks of the Great River

600BF: Battle on the Bloody Fields of Ferdok: The Orcish Tscharschai clan is soundly defeated by the Ferdoker Lancers.

682 BF: Ferdok loses its status as capital of the Principality of Kosh to the city of Angbar.

915 BF: Count Porquid of Ferdok declares himself Prince and claims the imperial crown (unsuccessfully).

1027 BF: Countless numbers of lancers are killed at the Battle of Warkhome.

Although the Count's city on the Great River is one of the oldest settlements in the Kosh region few buildings from this era have survived. Following a catastrophic flood in 162 BF the Great River changed its course, robbing the city of its waterway and diminishing its influence in the region. In the last years of the third century the original settlement was deserted and re-established on the banks of the Great River several miles away. The city's massive walls testify to the great hopes that Ferdok's founders had for their new settlement. But the City of Ferdok has never fulfilled these expectations. Within the city walls large areas of land are still given over to growing fruit and vegetables or for grazing Ferdok thoroughbreds. Visitors to Ferdok will note the town center's carefully planned street grid. However, many of the city's alleyways are narrow and dark. The upper floors of Ferdok's traditional timber-framed buildings jut out over the streets from above the smaller ground floor and block out the sunlight. At times it almost seems as though one could lean out of the gable window to shake hands with the neighbor.


On display on the top floor of the Town House (Ferdok, Ducal Citadel)