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"Perhaps too friendly"

Gallo Frantic in The Jagged Blade inn would like The Adventurer to retrieve a lost package for him. He offers four Thalers for it, and when inquired about it, he will claim that it's a parcel of his favorite pipe tobacco. On further inquiry he will admit, that it is actually a Parcel of Candied Kosh Bunting Tongues.


The tongue parcel

So much money for so small a thing

The parcel can be found along the road from Avestrue to the New Customs House, behind Brewin Rattlestone's wagon. When the hero returns to Gallo with it, he initially tries to reward them with only four Thalers.

With a sufficient Haggle skill it is possible to raise the reward up to two Ducats, but the hero can also eat the Kosh bunting tongues, or keep them and find another buyer for them.

if the Kosh bunting tongues are consumed, Gallo will inform the hero that the parcel would have been worth around 50 Ducats.

  • If the parcel is delivered to Gallo, depending on the chosen conversation option 2, 4, 6 or 10 Thalers.
  • To get 2 Ducats from Gallo, negotiate with Gallo until the end. He will say that he considers 2 Ducats too high a price. Tell him that you will look for another buyer and end the conversation. Then talk to him again. This time he will accept your offer and give you the 2 Ducats - and you receive two times 5 AP.
  • If tongues are sold to Bredo Bento in Avestrue, you receive one Ducat.
  • If the tongues are sold to the Horasian Merchant Floris in the Ducal Citadel in Ferdok, you shall receive five Ducats.
  • Bredo Bento will also buy them for 5 Ducats, when met again in Moorbridge.
  • Blacksmith Tarno in Nadoret offers 10 Ducats for them.
  • The Cook in the Manor Kitchen of Darkforest Manor in the Blood Mountains also offers 10 Ducats for them.
  • A nobleman in Tallon is the originally intended buyer, and he offers 20 Ducats.
  • In Murolosh the parcel can be sold to quartermaster Otosh for 50 Ducats.

Questlog Entries[]

  • A Tasty Delicacy
    • I have to find a lost parcel containing a local delicacy.
    • I found a parcel containing some Candied Kosh Bunting Tongues - apparently it's a very rare delicacy and it must be very valuable.
      • Find the Candied Kosh Bunting Tongues
        • A merchant by the name of Gallo Frantic has asked me to search for a lost parcel. I'm not sure though... he does not strike me as a very honest person.
        • I found the parcel. It is labeled: '100 Candied Kosh Bunting Tongues'.
      • Take the Parcel to Gallo
        • Now that I've found the Candied Kosh Bunting Tongues, I just have to take them to Gallo.
        • I gave the parcel to Gallo - he seemed to be very pleased.
      • Find Another Buyer (optional)
        • I certainly won't sell those Kosh Bunting Tongues to a thief like Gallo! I'm sure I can get a better price for them from another merchant.
        • Gallo will never get his parcel.