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Animal Lore
Animal Lore
Talent Group Special
Category Nature Talents
Effective Encumbrance 0
Upgrade Category B

A basic prerequisite for a successful hunt is, of course, a thorough knowledge of the distribution and behavior of the most common types of animal. Animal Lore allows characters to successfully gut animals in order to collect their valuable leather, sinews and other parts.

Many of these items can then be further processed using other Artisan Talents, such as Alchemy, Bowyery or Blacksmithing. Or you can sell them.

You use this talent via the Context Menu for a dead creature. The character selected rolls a Talent Test for Animal Lore; if this is successful, a Loot Window opens. If, on the other hand, it is unsuccessful, you have no further chances to disembowel the animal.

Talent Test[]

CO / CL / IN