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Archivist Loisane

Archivist Loisane helps the heroes with the investigation of the Murders in Ferdok, the heroes come in contact with her through City Watchman Reuben because she fears for her life since she is helping with the investigation into the murders.

Loisane finds out that two of the victims, the old beggar Eelko and Sandor Kunger, nicknamed the Dragon, are descendants of Dragonslayers, and that the third descendant, Jessica, probably is in danger as well. Initially Loisane fails to discover that she herself is also a descendant of a dragonslayer, which is why her life becomes threatened. Finn of Ferdok and his cultists attack her at the city archives, but are interrupted by the party's arrival, so they kidnap her and take her to the Town House. Finn of Ferdok takes her as a hostage, but the party can save her. Afterwards she reports her findings to Grand Inquisitor da Vanya.


Ferdok, Praios Square

Associated Quests[]

Murders in Ferdok