Archmage Rakorium (portrait)


The confused Archmage Rakorium


Archmage Rakorium

Archmage Rakorium is a confused, yet brilliant magician. At the time he is on an expedition through Kosh, to discover 'Lizard conspiracies'. He is accompanied by the two novices Nottel and Rufus.

Aventurian BackgroundEdit

Rakorium Muntagonus is a brilliant master in the art of transformation, who is unfortunately by now affected by paranoia and insanity. After many years of research into the behavior of lizards and his task as guardian of the book "Codex Sauris", he is meanwile of the opinion that there is a Lizard conspiracy after (almost) everything and everyone. Apparently one of their goals is, to let Zze Tha rise again.

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(Difficulty Increase: 0)

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