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Ardo of Boarstock

"Sometimes all you can do is make sure the good guys don't die in vain"

― Ardo of Boarstock quoted by Forgrimm

Ardo of Boarstock is a major character in the Drakensang Saga. He is a close friend of The Adventurer, who invited him to Ferdok for an urgent matter. But once the hero arrives in Ferdok it is revealed that Ardo was murdered in the Ugdan Harbor.


Ardo has had many adventures during his young life with Forgrimm and Cano through out all of Aventuria. One of these is seen in the prequel The River of Time where he along side Forgrimm and Cano search through out the river the possible thieves of the Crown. Ardo witnessed the birth of Gladys and later was like a second father to her.


By the time of The Dark Eye he had retired and was living a peaceful life in Ferdok. he was asked by Regent Dariana to investigate the suspicious activities of the rival trading companies Stoerrebrandts and Neisbecks.


Chalkboard of ardo

very close to the truth

his investigation bore fruit but he decided not to reveal anything until he had the full truth. he discovered that the neisback family were conducting illegal activities and although didn't know specifically what he knew that they were doing it through the Dark Eye gang and possibly with the help of the head guardsman Tashman. he had became close to the truth but needed further help, thus he wrote a letter to one of his old friends (the Protagonist) and asked them for help.


unfortunately this meeting never happened, he asked forgrimm to stay at home (since he knew he had become a target) and went to the Ugdan Harbor awaiting his old friend. unbeknownst to ardo his old friend could not come through the sea and had to venture to ferdok on land, delaying the meeting greatly.

Ardo's blood

"that's where it happened...and I wasn't there to stop it" Forgrimm

once at the harbor he was brutally murdered by Yandrik of Anderghast, a magician in the employ of Neisbeck family, and his body was thrown at the sea. What greatly shocked Yandrik was that no matter what painful method he used on Ardo he remained silent throughout the whole ordeal. his death not only caused great sorrow for his friends but also for the citizens of ferdok since he was a respected and popular man.


Forgrimm blamed himself for ardo's death, he cut his beard as a sign of shame and turned to alchoholism. gladys was very disturbed by his death and set to find his murderers. Cano was saddened as well but since he was the leader of a guild he couldn't show weakness. regent dariana was more disappointed that the investigation had come to an end rather than being sad at the death of her friend but presumably she had done this to save face.


During their investigation of murders of ferdok and the Dragon Quest the protagonist believed Kastan Gamblack or Finn of Ferdok had killed ardo but both of them claimed they had nothing to do with it and only knew ardo by reputation. later regent dariana personally asked them to finish the task that had been given to ardo in the hopes of finding the truth. the protagonist was successful and confronted all those involved in the murder. Tashman and yandrik were killed by them and above all the person at the heart of the matter Ulwina Neisbeck was confronted at her office. but before she could be arrested she was struck by a bolt of lightning, a direct response from the king of the gods Praios whom the noblewoman had greatly offended.


His residence was gifted to the protagonist. his caretaker Muddlemosh did not object and was in fact happy that the residence was given to ardo's dear friend and also muddlemosh kept his job.


  • Although Ardo was of noble birth he detested the nobility.
  • Ardo had portraits of Cano, Forgrimm, Gladys and Dariana in his home
  • Ardo having a portrait of dariana implied that the two might have had a relationship but it is unlikely since not only Dariana claimed they were only friends, her reaction to ardo's death was not extreme compared to Forgrimm and Gladys.
  • Ardo was interested in "everything" according to Muddlemosh.
  • His residence seemed small on the outside, a boon from the dwarven brothers who had made the residence.