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Auralia's Recipe

The Potion of True Power, only a genuine master may mix it. But should it be successful, then it shall accelerate your healing, your astral energy and your endurance many times over and the strength of a bear shall run through your veins! If you are willing, then proceed as follows:

At the third hour of the Night of the Rahja Moon, take a wooden container and grind 5 pinches of mandrake powder to the finest possible particles. But remember that not a trace of iron may touch the powder, therefore use only wood or stone instruments. If you have succeeded thus far, add the same amount of diamond powder to the mixture, and keep in mind that this, too, may not come into contact with metal! Then take 3 poisonous teeth that are still fresh and damp, and place them in an earthenware jug in 2 measures of genuine and undiluted alcohol. Wait until the 5th hour of the new day, add dragon's blood by the drop three times and slowly bring to a boil, then let it steep, but keep in mind that no sunlight may fall on it, so ensure that it is dark in your workshop. Then put the brew in the darkness to cool and keep your hands away from it, for they would be burned. Take a bowl of glass, set it over a fire and put the following herbs in it: 10 Golmoon Leaf and Whirlweed, as well as 10 Oneberries, 2 Olginwort and Belmart, add 4 Chonchinis and proceed as follows: Golmoon Leaf and Whirlweed the outer skin do form, the Berry here is the filling, then add Wort and Chonchinis, when the Belmart becomes lighter on top, quickly fetch the Fire Moss. Now let the fire burn low and the keep the bowl in the dark. Now you will require a crystal bowl and the next night at the Gods' Hour mix 2x Finnage with Tweedistillate and add the brew with the Dragon's Blood drop by drop. Grind the roasted herbs to fine dust and mix it with the others in the wooden bowl. Place in a cool and dark place. At the next Rahja Moon go in the forest and make a fire, set the crystal bowl in it and mix the powder carefully into the brew. The mixture has to simmer until the morning hour, then cover the container and let the potion cool. To release the true power of the potion, add the stinger of a manticore. Use the potion with care, for such power is truly not intended for us.

Associated Quest[]

The Recipe for the Potion of Power