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Map of Aventuria made by Steffen Brand

Aventuria is the setting for all of the adventures in the world of the fantasy roleplaying game The Dark Eye, including the computer game Drakensang and its sequel River of Time.

Aventuria is one of four continents on the fantastic world Ethra. It is a relatively large, central continent; ranges around 3,000 miles from north to south. The distance from coast to coast is 2,000 miles at its widest point. On a map of Ethra the continent officially spans between 10 degrees to 45 degrees latitude on the northern hemisphere. Aventuria is almost entirely surrounded by great oceans. In the far northeast it is connected to the continent of Vaestenland. Its climate classifications range from the perpetual ice in the far north to the tropical forests in the southern lands.

Aventuria is a medieval fantasy world populated by Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins and Ogres. Many of the races are divided into a colorful mixture of cultures. Humans, for example, include the enigmatic and sometimes arrogant Horasians, proud but rather backward Andergastians, the oriental Tulamids and Novadis, and the magnificently armored traditional knights of Weiden, to name but a few.