Drakensang English Wiki

Each of the months in the Aventurian year is named after one of the Twelfgods. Every month has 30 days and the year has 365 days. The year begins with Praios, the King of the Gods. It is the hottest month of the year and is followed by the other Gods. The extra five days are called the nameless days and are considered cursed days.

The months of the year
Praios July
Rondra August
Effert September
Travia October
Boron November
Hesinde December
Firun January
Tsa February
Phex March
Peraine April
Ingerimm May
Rahja June

Divine cycle: 1 year (12 months / 365 days)

Moon: 1 month (30 days)

Sun cycle: 1 day