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Avestrue Map

Map of Avestrue

Avestrue is the area in which the adventure of Drakensang starts. All in all it is a relatively quiet town and that's exactly the reason why many persons like to live here. Life passes by a lot slower and quieter, although lately a gangs of cutthroats are endangering the countryside.


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Worth Knowing[]

  • Bredo Bento has a story to tell as well, and here you can earn 15 AP for listening as well.
  • When you talk to Sergeant Erland with an Etiquette TV>3 and ask him about his past, you can earn 5 AP. In Version 1.0(1) there is a Bug that allows the player to infinitely repeat this.
  • Mercenary Humbold offers you a training fight against him and Mercenary Gondwin, and if you win he offers you his Broadsword. If you fight the two opponents by yourself, you receive 30 AP when you win. If you bring one companion into the fight you both receive 20 AP. If you bring two companions into the fight, each of you receives 10 AP.
  • In the northeastern part of the map, close to the gorge and near the Fireflies, you can find a corpse (a dead man) with a key and a Treasure Map. Just a little further into the forest, against the mountain side and behind two Firefly eggs, you can find the corresponding treasure chest.
  • Once you leave Avestrue, the area is locked, meaning you can never return here.


  • Note that the map says 'Dark Wood', although the game text (and the wolves quest) refer to it as the 'Dark Forest'. Translation error?