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Marauders and Killers

In Avestrue a gang of dangerous criminals known as Bald Mountain Robbers have come to power and are slowly taking control of the area while terrorizing its inhabitants. They act as the antagonists of the first chapter of Drakensang.



At some point before 1032 BF in the Principality of Kosh in an area known as Avestrue, which was famous for its peaceful and beautiful countryside, a group of criminals organized themselves and expanded their operations. It is unknown if the Achaz Cultists had a hand in their creation but they did fall under their influence and acted as their agents. Perhaps a good offense by the guardsmen located in Avestrue could have finished them long before they became a problem for the inhabitants but this was not to be as the guards were led by the incompetent Sergeant Erland, who was recruited by Head Guardsman Tashman likely in an attempt to continue the illegal activities of House Neisback without much trouble.

The Bear and The Mage[]

In 1032 a bear of unusual strength entered their base in the Old Mineshaft and turn a section of it into his lair. The robbers attempted to kill the beast with prisoned arrows but were unsuccessful. Furthermore, the Archmage Rakorium also enter their base in his investigation of reptilian activity and the robbers attempted to capture him but they, along with all the wolf rats in the mineshaft, were turned to stone.