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Depending on the number of Astral Points used, this powerful spell heals all the spell target's wounds and injuries.

Balm of Healing
Arcane Test CL / IN / CH
Effect Heals 2D6 VP + modifier times 5 VP,
heals wounds according to modifier.
Critical wounds cannot be healed.
Spell Duration Immediate
Cost 10 AsP + modifier in AsP
Modifier +1 for every 4 character levels
Modification the number of wounds that can be healed
corresponds to the amount of the modifier.
If the number of wounds is higher than
the modifier, no wounds can be healed.
Spell Type General
Spell Category Healing
Spell Cast Time (Actions) 3
Target Friend
Range 7.5 m
Upgrade Category C



Worth knowing[]

To heal wounds, you must increase the modifier by at least the number of wounds sustained by the patient, otherwise none of the wounds will be healed. And note that the modifier for a wound increases slowly - every four levels. You should therefore treat wounds as quickly as possible.