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Bredo Bento1

The salesman needs some help

The travelling salesman Bredo Bento would like to brew some Oneberry juice and for that he needs 10 Oneberries, which The Adventurer should deliver to him in Avestrue.


Oneberry Bush

The hero found an Oneberry bush

  • There are plenty of oneberries to pick along the river (or to find in the crates and barrels).
  • Bredo walks back and forth between the camp site and the Jagged Blade inn.
  • It is not absolutely necessary to have the Plant Lore talent for collecting the berries.

Quest progression[]

  • Berry Hunting
    • Bredo Bento the peddler has asked me to do him a small favor. I will have to see if I can find the time for it - after all, I did promise to help him.
    • Bredo Bento got his oneberries and I got to see more of this beautiful region while earning myself a nice little sum.
      • Collect Ten Oneberries
        • I've promises to bring Bredo Bento 10 oneberries. Apparently they grow on the shores of a nearby lake. I'll see if I can find some.
        • Picking 10 oneberries wasn't that difficult. At least, not if you know a little bit about herbs.
      • Bring Bredo the Oneberries
        • I have to take these oneberries to Bredo so that he can make his oneberry juice.
        • Bredo Bento was thrilled when he saw that I had brought him 10 Oneberries.


  • The player is not requiredto listen to Bredo's tale to receive the quest, but for that you are rewarded with 15 AP.
  • 3 AP for collecting the ten Oneberries.
  • Two times 3 AP and two Ducats when you deliver the Oneberries to Bredo.