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Bredo Bento

Bredo Bento

Bredo Bento is a peddler and quest giver, who will show up in several areas over the course of the game. The first time he shows up is in Avestrue. Later you can meet him again in the Moorbridge Marshes, and in front of the ruined castle in the Blood Mountains.

Associated Quests[]


  • In Avestrue he walks back and forth between the camp site and the Jagged Blade inn.
  • In the Moorbridge Marshes, first in front of the Muddy Boot, then later at the abandoned hut
  • Blood Mountains on the way to the ruined castle

Available Merchandise[]

(in Avestrue:)

Worth knowing[]

  • Additional APs: in Avestrue, if you let him tell his story all the way to the end, you will be rewarded with 15 AP.
  • Bug: in Avestrue, once you have returned the ten oneberries to Bredo, his inventory will start to create (lots of) Oneberry juices, at the rate of approx. one every three minutes. So if you postpone the pickpocketing of Bredo until a couple of hours after solving the quest, he will have several dozens of bottles of Oneberry juice in his inventory.
  • Profession: peddler
  • Bug: anytime you want to identify an unidentified magic item, max out your talents( skill) on Arcane Lore, assuming you have Adventure Points to work with, but don't "Accept Update."  ID the item and then Cancel the Update.