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This category contains a list of all Special Abilities.

Special Abilities are special moves and behaviors that are used in combat to perform particular attacks and parries. These are divided into "Melee", "Ranged Combat" and "Defensive" (passive skills).

Once they have been acquired, the Special Abilities have permanent positive effect. In melee and ranged combat, on the other hand, the skills must be explicitly applied. To do this, place the skill into the QuickSlot Bar at the lower edge of the screen and click on it during the fight. Your character will then perform the selected maneuver as his or her next action. Each time you use the skill, however, you will use up Endurance Points, so you should carefully consider which maneuver you want to use in which situation.

All skills must be learned from a taskmaster or Trainer, who will charge you a one-time fee of Adventure Points. They can also only be used in conjunction with particular Combat Talents. You should, therefore, pay particular attention to the requirements displayed by right-clicking on the description of the Special Ability.

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