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This category contains information with regard to all spells that can be found in Drakensang.

The Spell Sheet contains all the spells your caster characters have learned. Spell-casters can conjure up powerful effects using Astral Energy and knowledge of magic spells. Characters skilled in magic have different preferences and can learn only those spells which are relevant to these.

A character's proficiency in casting a particular spell is shown by the Spell Prowess value. The higher this value is, the more skilled the character is in casting this spell. Arcane Tests determine whether a spell will succeed or fail, and also the SP* (value) if of any influence in that spell. The three attributes involved in the Tests are highlighted when you mouse over them, and right-clicking on them provides you with additional information.

Drag the most important spell for you into the QuickSlot Bar to enable your spell-casting characters to access them quickly in tricky situations. You should also keep an eye on your Astral Energy, as this is used up by successful spells.

Important: a character that has no spellcasting abilities at the start of the game, can not gain these abilities lateron. They lack the elemental training and the ability to store Astral Energy in the body, so they can learn the gestures and the words for a new spell, but they can never actually cast the spell, for lack of energy. So for example a Dwarven Mercenary will never be able to cast spells.

And even if a character does have spellcasting abilities, this does not automatically mean that they are able to cast all spells. Some spells are only available to Humans or Elves, and some spells are only available to Full Mages (as opposed to Half Mages).

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