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Combat Talents are definitely those that are most used during the game. They represent your hero's prowess in combat and are divided into Melee (close combat) and Ranged Combat talents. There are various types of weapons, in which each character has his or her Talent Prowess. In the explanations for each weapon, you will find the Talent Prowess for each one.

As with all talents, some talent categories cost more to increase than others - even within different weapon categories. For example, it is much cheaper to improve your Crossbow talent (Upgrade Category: C) than your Bow talent (Upgrade Category: E).

The Talent Prowess for Melee skills is divided into Base Attack Values and Base Parry Values, and they represent the combat values for every combat situation in the game. When you increase these values, you can change the weighting between attack and parry in order to emphasize either offense or defense. But remember that these values can only differ by five (5) points.

Ranged Combat is much more straightforward. The entire value is added to the Base Ranged Value. There is no parry for this value. These attacks are influenced by other factors such as distance, target size and target movement.

In contrast to normal talents, no Talent Tests are performed for Combat Talents. The Talent Prowess described above results in the character's final attack and defense values during combat, on which every character rolls an Attack Test. The talent used for this depends on the weapon type wielded by the hero.

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