Drakensang English Wiki

Click on the question mark (?) to call up the Console.



This displays special background details on the ongoing game such as test and combat results. If you're not sure why a combat worked out the way it did, or, for example, how Dranor got poisoned, the console is the place to find out.

You can also find former conversations and screen messages here, which can help to review overlooked quest information, because not all information is entered in the quest log.

This is also where you can see which modifiers were applied to a test, allowing you to understand the inner workings of The Dark Eye rules or to find out what is stopping you from opening a treasure chest.

Another thing that is displayed here, is which character is healed and by how much, or how much damage a character receives.

Upon starting the game, the console is initially empty, and it gradually fills up. When you enter a new area, the console is automatically cleared again.

It is also possible to filter what kind of information should be displayed on the console.

Worth knowing[]

Use the console to your advantage! When playing through the game, the console can reveal failed tests which would otherwise go by unnoticed... for example, when a character you encounter reveals additional information if you pass an Etiquette test.