Drakensang English Wiki

Information about the Demo[]

The German language Drakensang Demo was made available for download on the official German Drakensang Website on August 4, 2008.

The English language demo was made available for download on the official English Drakensang Website on December 11, 2008.

The demo contains the first area Avestreu, in which you can get first impressions concerning the quests, the fighting and the dungeons with 3 of the 27 character classes (Mercenary, Battlemage, Ranger).

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Official Announcement[]

Make your trial trip to Aventuria: Today we offer you a free demo version of the English language version of the highly anticipated RPG Drakensang – The Dark Eye.

The demo, which is available at the download section, offers first insights into the Drakensang story and gameplay. Visit Aventuria, explore the beautiful medieval scenery which will remind you of travelling through Central Europe. Take on the first quests of the game, fight the first battles and explore villages full of beautiful framework houses, dark woods and dungeons.

Three different characters are available in the demo version: Play either as Dwarf Mercenary, Andergastian Battle Mage or Silvan Elf Ranger. The full game will offer more than 25 characters.

When playing the demo version, gamers will receive special bonus items which enable them to explore the huge diversity of the game even in their first hours of playing. Other features, such as magics, special attacks or the expert mode are reserved to Drakensang’s full version.