Drakensang English Wiki
Talent Group Special
Category Social Talents
Effective Encumbrance 0
Upgrade Category B

It can happen that characters unexpectedly end up mingling with high society, whether they are invited to attend a court ball or royal audience as a reward for a particular deed or because they are spying on a villain at the duke's palace. How, though, does one address the daughter of a margrave, and which coat of arms belongs to the Stormfield Mersinger family? You will also need to know which wines are currently in fashion and whether or not it is appropriate to serve sweet pastries after mutton casserole. As it would be impossible for players to remember all these things, their characters should be as well-versed in Etiquette as possible.

Etiquette is governed by fixed Talent Prowess values and no Talent Tests are rolled.

Talent Test[]

CL / IN / CH