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Ferdok Sewers

The party enters the Ferdok Sewers in pursuit of Jessica's murderers during the quest Murders in Ferdok.


Connected Areas[]

Possible Opponents[]

Useable Plants[]

  • None

Worth knowing[]

  • The murderers flee into the right corridor, so you could skip the left one entirely. But there are several barrels there that you can plunder.
  • The left corridor ends in a locked chamber with a few barrels and some Wolf rats. But before you arrive there, you come past a wooden wall with a hidden chamber behind it. If you break through the wooden wall and again through the fissured wall behind it, you end up in a small chamber with a chest. The chest contains 4x Bearskin, 9x Wolfskin, 3x Noose snare, 5x Wild boarskin and a Furrier's knife.