Drakensang English Wiki
Talent Group Special
Category Social Talents
Effective Encumbrance 0
Upgrade Category B

This Talent enables you to manipulate prices and situations through skilled negotiation, allowing you to achieve better prices when dealing with merchants. It has also been known to enable heroes with the requisite Talent Prowess to turn tricky dialogs to their advantage.

Talent Test[]

CO / CL / CH

Usage in trading[]

  • Haggle are directly used in trading, with no talent test rolled. The value of Haggle is taken from the one with highest skill currently in the party.
  • With Haggle 0, the characters always buy items at 100% merchant's price (which, in most cases, equals 100% their base value) and sell at 50% their base value. Each point of Haggle decreases buying price by 1% and increase selling price by 1%.
    • With Haggle 0, sell price is 1D and buy price is 2D
    • With Haggle 10, sell price is 1D 1T and buy price is 1D 8T
    • With Haggle 20, sell price is 1D 2T and buy price is 1D 6T
  • Theoretically, at Haggle 33, selling price is roughly equal to buying price.

Usage in dialog[]

  • Haggle are directly used in trading, with no talent test rolled.
  • Instances of using Haggle in dialogs include the quest For a Handful of Ducats (where one is able to raise their price from 20 Ducats to 100 Ducats to switch side), or sell Wolfrat Tails to the cook in The Silver Pitcher for 4F instead of 2F each.