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Legends of Aventurian Gods and Heroes

Where boulders and chips rained down throughout all Creation, the Monolith Heart, the largest piece of the Philosopher's Stone fell into a fiery abyss. There it lay for an eon and a year. Tongues of flame, bubbling magma and the weight of mountains and lands pressed its encasement to indestructible adamant and filled it with Dere's full might.

Then the Fire Mountains spewed the dazzling stone out from the depths. Hunters found it by the light of the sun and were blinded by its magnificence and luminosity. They dispatched the Adamantine Heart to the king's court, where the Twelve High Wise Ones spoke to the king: "O King, this gift of the gods is thine. Thou alone may use this priceless gift as a boon to all things.

And the stone lent the king immortality, and his will grew stronger than all elements together. With the Adamantine Heart in his crown, he transformed lead into gold, illness to health, and the dead to the living. His kingdom flourished under the blessing of the stone and nowhere could grief or hardship be found.

But the king's son coveted the Adamantine Heart for himself and slew his father to obtain it. In the guise of the old king, he reigned on the throne, and the power of the heart became an instrument of evil: It was utilized to eliminate the new king's enemies and to quench his hatred, it transformed lead into weaponry, illness to pestilence and the dead to undead. The land withered. Prior to committing suicide, the Twelve Wise Ones realized that the gift from the gods was only as beneficent and virtuous as the one to whom it is given. The new king was not able to enjoy gratification through his destructive powers long, for the Heart soon made its way into new hands again, as the spoils of yet another murder. [...]

And finally Ingerimm grew weary of the mortals' wrangling over the stone and he spirited the Adamantine Heart away and hurled it into a prison of iron that was enveloped by fire and brimstone. He planted a mountain on top of the prison and with a single word, summoned 100 cyclopses to stand guard for eternity. Never again shall a mortal exploit the powers of the Heart. Forever shall it remain buried, deep in the womb of Dere. And yet the Adamantine Heart continues to emit signs and symbols into the shadows and desires to be found, for the power of the elements and the gods' will to create still pulse inside it.

From the Annals of the Age of the Gods - Legends of Aventurian Gods and Heroes, Edition dated 719 BF, Grangor, transscribed into modern Garethi


On display on the top floor of the Town House (Ferdok, Ducal Citadel)