Drakensang English Wiki

A stream of elemental force shoots from the spell-caster's hands. A lance of fire and light hits the targeted opponent.

Ignifaxus Burst of Flame
Arcane Test CL / DE / CN
Effect Opponent catches fire (1 DP/secs for SP* secs),
as long as the target burns, the target's AR
is reduced by 1 AR for every 10 HP of damage.
Damage 1D6 DP
Spell Duration Immediate
Cost 8 + modifier times 2 AsP
Modifier +1 modifier for every 3 levels, the modifier
may be only as high as the SP value
Modification +1D6 HP per modifier
Spell Type Human
Spell Category Battle Magic
Spell Cast Time (Actions) 3
Target Opponent
Range 20.0 m
Upgrade Category C