Drakensang English Wiki

The magician creates a mighty fireball and hurls it at his or her opponent.

Ignisphaero Fireball
Arcane Test CO / IN / CN
Effect 15 m radius area of effect
Damage 5D6+SP*DP,
targets catch fire, the closer they are to the impact point, the longer the fire lasts
Spell Duration Immediate
Cost 21 AsP
Modifier No
Spell Type Human
Spell Category Battle Magic
Spell Cast Time (Actions) 8
Target Opponent
Range 35.0 m
Upgrade Category D


Worth knowing[]

  • Burn salve can be used to remove the Burning Status Effect
  • Iryan Armor protects against Burning
  • Hordes of enemies come into range of this spell before they come into combat range. This way it is possible to thin out approaching enemy groups early. As it appears that actions outside of combat are processed faster, it is often even possible to cast a second Fireball, before the enemy group is in combat range.
  • Be careful with the use of this spell when the enemy is already in combat range, because in that case your own companions will suffer damage as well. As the spell is cast on an opponent and not on a point on the map, the enemy can carry the spell into your own party if you judge the distance wrong.