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King Krathmak (inventory icon)

A piece of paper that contains a Dwarven fairytale:

King Krathmak and the Goldstone

High up on the lofty weathered peak of the mountain, between the wind's song and the bleached stone, the shepherds spied a large diamond in the shape of a heart. And when the shepherds rapped on the diamond three times, it transformed a sheep into gold for them. The shepherds rejoiced and never again suffered poverty, and they wished for stones, houses and streams to be transmuted to gold whenever it struck their fancy.

As tales of an endless source of gold are made to be told, the story of the stone also reached Mountain King Krathmaks ears, and his eyes glinted with gold fever.

King Krathmak used the diamond to create immeasurable treasure, and he paid master builders and alchemists and spellcasters to build Corumbra, the City of Gold. There the diamond heart was placed in a Temple of Riches, guarded by animated suits of armor and statues of steel, basalt and gold. But the greed for the diamond corrupted all who saw its work, and so the inhabitants of Corumbra ended up slaying each other. One by one they fell prey to the gold fever. One by one they perished. In the end, only King Krathmak still lived. His blood-stained hands grasped the diamond, and the sight of the sparkling gem made him forget sleep, food and drink. And so he perished of thirst in the midst of golden walls and floors. Whosoever shall find his diamond and not become a victim of the gold fever, he is a made man.

From the Hill Dwarves' fairytale 'King Krathmak and the Goldstone'. Presumably originating from the Anvil Dwarves


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