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Leather strips (inventory icon)

Leather strips are used by a blacksmith or a bowyer to give certain weapons more grip.

The main source for Leather strips are killed animals, from whose cadavers you can extract the component with the help of the Animal Lore talent.


0.01 Stone

  • Stackable



(with Haggle 0)

  • Buy: 6F
  • Sell: 3F

Extracted from animals[]

Ingredient for Recipes[]

Worth knowing[]

  • There is no merchant in the game who sells infinite amounts of this item, so it's wise to save some for later. In the course of the game you will find plenty of strips to create all the important items, but if, for example, you want to create large amounts of Flaming Arrows or Poison Arrows, then you should have some reserves. If you plan to employ an archer type character, having these two kinds of arrows can be smart.