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Completely Temporary.* Mother Rat Mother Ratzinsky

This boss is Indeed "Doable" at lowever levels

I had

Warrior/Amazon/Charlatan/Merc @ lvls 5/5/5/4 you do need high levels of Will power so you do not sustain wounds and fall over and die. Several wounds result in dying - Regardless if there is remaining hp/vt points. Now, the boss calls out 3 adds every 100 points that you take from her, and I left one tank on her and had the other three tank the adds - Over the course I lost two before brining her down. This is because it was my first attempt at the game, and I didn't know how to play. I am currently at the save after beating her while typing this.

Warrior/Amazon/Merc Tanked for this fight.

I have the merc with a shield and he has whatever the level one shield defense skill is, and the blacksmithing shield that he can make from ferdok at this point in the game. The warrior has level two and the same shield. I'm not going to bore you with various other details because it is probably not important and I've probably screwed them up.

Primary example : The warrior with Plant lore.

anyone that cares to clean this up..please do so.