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The Note - Ave's Shrine can be found inside the chest which is to the right side of Aves' Shrine in Avestrue. There is an encrypted message on the note, which Runkel Bagthumper can decypher. Runkel will inform you that this means: Find the key and the second clue in the chicken coop at the farm.


The Examination

Worth knowing[]

The note's title is actually inconsistent with the other mentions of the shrine: "Ave's Shrine" vs. "Aves' Shrine".

The encrypted text actually deciphers to the slightly misspelled German sentence "Du glaubst einen Phex-Juenger ueberlisten zu koennen? Aber nur Runkel hat den ricatigen Code.". Which translates to "You think you can outsmart a follower of Phex? Only Runkel has the correct code". This is a clue that the quest has to be continued at Runkel, rather than deciphering the text by hand.