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Pick Locks
Pick Locks
Talent Group Special
Category Artisan Talents
Effective Encumbrance 0
Upgrade Category B

This is the mainstay of the Burglar's craft. To open a lock without the right key, a character will always need an appropriate tool, such as a lockpick, hair pin, small knife or similar. Picking a lock that has been combined with a trap will not cause the trap to be triggered. If the Test fails, the lockpick or the improvised tool will usually be used up and the character will experience the Shaky Hands status effect for five combat rounds. This makes all Tests attempting to pick the lock again during this period harder.

Hair pins and lockpicks are expended during use and must be activated via the Quickslot Bar.

If no tools are used, the Test is subject to a handicap of -10.

Talent Test[]

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