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Pick Pocket
Pick Pocket
Talent Group Special
Category Physical Talents
Effective Encumbrance 0 (EC x 2)
Upgrade Category D

Whether cutting purses or pilfering items unnoticed from strangers' bags, many slightly disreputable characters make use of this talent. The only drawbacks are that you have to get very close to your victim and that an attempt to pick someone's pocket can be made more difficult or prevented if the intended victim is talented in Perception. Once a theft attempt has been detected, it is no longer possible to make another attempt. Luckily, however, there are no serious consequences - just the victim's distrust and the lost loot.

Talent Test[]

CO / IN / DE

Worth knowing[]

  • In Drakensang it does not matter how many Talent Prowess points you have left after the Test... as long as you succeed at the test, the items that you can pick pocket from a specific target NPC are always the same. Nor does it matter how many items you steal; the test is the same if you take only one or all items from the target's inventory.
  • Which items you receive from a certain NPC appears to be partly random. Reloading from a previous save game and pick pocketing the target again does not change the items you get, but starting a new game does. Example: Sergeant Erland in Avestrue always appears to have 1D + 2F, but which other items you get can differ.
  • Some NPCs can not be pick pocketed - you simply don't have the Pick Pocket option on them. Examples include Guardsman Capcomb in Avestrue and all of your (optional) companions before you recruit them.