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Rakorium Interview (inventory icon)

A newspaper article that reads:

Archmage Rakorium Muntagonis in discussion with a scribe of the Salamander, Tsa 1023 BF

The Adamantine Heart! Bah! Nothing more than a myth foolish people pursue, rubbish! Get on with you. Melenaar has already proved that such a stone cannot exist and Prahe supports him. Oh dear, oh dear, doesn't anyone read the masters' writings nowadays anymore? I'll get old and feeble-minded here, if I have to listen to that. Shouldn't you pay much more attention to what is happening in the lizard swamps and how the scaled ones are sending scouts around in human guise? Hm? The saurian cabal is closer than you think, and you are talking about make-believe baubles? Oy oy. The Adamantine Heart was only a metaphor for Drodont. And who was responsible for it? Aha, a dragon! Tsk, tsk, if only I could get paid a farthing each time the Gens reptilia are behind an idea, or an apparent certainty or a perfidious plan! I would be rich, rich as Stoerrebrandt!


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From pick pocketing Novice Rufus in Avestrue.