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In contrast to a melee attack, the hero can also participate in a battle from a safe distance. To do so requires a Ranged Combat Value, and tests are rolled for that instead of the Attack Value. The value depends on the equipped ranged combat weapon and its utilized weapon talent.

Calculation: Base Ranged Value (BRV) - Effective Encumbrance + Weapon talent value

Factors influencing Ranged Combat[]

In P&P TDE, there are four additional factors influencing Ranged Combat. These are: the size of the target, if the target is moving, if you can see all of the target or only part, and how far you are from the target.


The size of the target influences the difficulty of the ranged attack. Size is divided into categories, with a pre-defined Difficulty Increase for each category. These categories are:

Tiny (for example a Ducat or a mouse) (+8), Very Small (snake, cat) (+6), Small (Wolf, sheep) (+4), Medium (Dwarf, Elf, Human) (+2), Large (Troll, Ogre, Horse) (+0) and Very Large (dragon, giant) (-2).


If a target is moving, it is treated as if it were one category smaller. This effectively means an additional Difficulty Increase of +2, although every category below Tiny incurs a Difficulty Increase of +3 instead of +2. If the target is moving very fast (speed 10 or more), it is treated as if it were two categories smaller.


If only part of the target is visible, then you need to determine the size category of the visible part, and use the Difficulty Increase of that, instead of the normal value. For example, a human target of which you can only see the head, would be of category Very Small, so instead of the normal +2 you would need to use +6 in this case.


Distance is divided into five categories, each with their own Difficulty Increase, although exactly what distance each category is, depends on the ranged weapon used, and the maximum range of that weapon. These categories, and their associated Difficulty Increases, are:

Very Close (-2), Close (+0), Medium (+4), Far (+8) and Very Far (+12).

How much of these four factors is actually implemented in Drakensang, remains yet to be determined.