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After you have completed Murders in Ferdok, talk to Salina and her brother Hamlok. Salina wants you to free Dranor from the prison, because he is innocent. There are tunnels going to the prison form the Ferdok Brewery cellar, and luckily(for once) there is a rat infestion in the cellar. Talk to Moddlemush(Caretaker Muddlemosh`s brother) about it, and he will let you in to the cellar.

The tunnels actually lead to the prison, and you will soon meet Dranor, but he refuses to leave becaus he claims he is innocent. He want`s you to prove it, by seeking out Wulfric Harpel in the Ducal Citadel. Go there, and talk to him and his daugher, Viola. Continue the conversation until it`s revealed that Dranor indeed is innocent. Harpel will give you a letter were he writes that Dranor is innocent, and tells you to give it to Barla Borkensmith. Do this, and Dranor is immediatly released.

Go back to Salina, but she isn`t there, but Hamlok is. Tell him to tell Salina that Dranor is released, and the quest is over.

Important NPCs[]



  • 5 AP for arriving in the Brewery Cellar
  • 10 AP for finding Dranor in the prison
  • 5 AP for talking to Wulfric and Viola Harpel
  • 5 AP for talking to Barla and freeing Dranor
  • 10 AP for completing the quest