Sergeant Erland

Sergeant Erland

Sergeant Erland can be found at the entrance to Avestrue, where he points the main character in the right direction at the very start of the game. At this stage he does not yet offer any training services. Later he can be found again in the Ducal Citadel in Ferdok, this time as a Trainer.

Erland is the officer on guard in Wagoner's Home in Ferdok although at the start of the game you find him in Avestrue, where he was stationed at the request of Head Guardsman Tashman.

Associated QuestsEdit

Available Talents (in Ferdok)Edit

Available Special Abilities (in Ferdok)Edit

Pick PocketEdit

(Difficulty Increase for Talent Test: 4)

  • 1 D 2 T
  • (other items are random)


Worth knowingEdit

  • In Avestrue, if you ask him about his past and make a successful Talent Test on Etiquette (with a TP>3) you receive 5 AP. In Version 1.0(1) there is a Bug that allows the player to infinitely continue earning 5 AP when doing this.
  • Profession: Sergeant
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