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SilverPitcher front

The Silver Pitcher, front view

Ferdok SilverPitcher

The Silver Pitcher (map)

The Silver Pitcher is a tavern at the Praios Square in Ferdok. It is run by innkeeper Tradan Brewmore.

Relevant NPCs[]


  • Cook
  • Merchant
  • Townsperson
  • Woodcutter


  • None officially, though it is visited for tasks hidden in other quests.


Worth knowing[]

  • The cook at the tavern will buy Wolf rat's tails from you for 2F a piece, or for 4F after a successful Haggle test with a difficulty increase of 3.
  • After completing the third assignment of the Dragon Quest you can find 3 Trolls in the pub, and Tradan asks you to remove them. When you talk to him again after the task, you can raise the reward for this unofficial quest from 2 to 6 ducats through haggling (+5 AP).
  • If you pay Forgrimm 4 Farthings for the bill, you get 15 AP.