Drakensang English Wiki

This spell enables the magician to harness the forces of darkness to raise an undead assistant from the realm of the dead.

Arcane Test CO / CO / CH
Effect Animates a skeleton
Spell Duration Modifier +1 times 60 secs
Cost 2 AsP times modifier
Modifier +1 modifier per level,
The modifier may only be as high
as the SP value
Modification Summons more powerful skeletons
Spell Type Human
Spell Category Summoning
Spell Cast Time (Actions) 2
Target Ground
Range 3.0 m
Upgrade Category C



Worth knowing[]

When the modifier for this spell is increased, the summoned skeletons change. Upto level 11 the skeleton becomes a strong melee fighter. From level 12 upwards a skeletal mage is summoned. It can cast powerful spells but is not that good in melee combat.