Drakensang English Wiki

The all-purpose hunting and fighting weapon, popular for millennia.

Weapon Type Two-handed weapon
Talent Spears
Damage 1D+3 (1D+4 with Strength 16)
Strength bonus 12/4
Weapon Bonus 0/-2
Range 1.9 m
Weight 2 Stone
Equipment Slots Left Hand/Right Hand

Special Attacks Available[]



(with Haggle 0)

  • Buy: 2D
  • Sell: 1D


Worth knowing[]

  • Creating a spear using Blacksmithing costs about 1 Ducat, selling it will bring you approx. 2 Ducats. That's why this is a good way to make some money in Avestrue. The only disadvantage is, that Leather strips are needed for this, which are not available in infinite amounts anywhere (but with Animal Lore they can be extracted from several dead animals, like Wolves, Wolf rats and Wild boars. But it is recommended to switch to Bear traps as soon as the recipe is available, as the profit factor there is higher.