Drakensang English Wiki

Stands for the availability of raw muscle power, especially the capacity to use it tactically, and combined with Constitution is also a measure of the hero's general state of health.

Game Basics[]

Vitality (VI)[]

Strength flows into the calculation of Vitality: (CN + CN + ST)/2 + modifiers

Strength bonus[]

When a character with a high Strength value uses a weapon in melee, he is able to do more damage than with an average Strength value. Every weapon has two values associated with it: Threshold value and Damage increments. The Threshold value indicates, at which Strength value the character has maximum control over his weapon, while the Damage increment indicates, how many Strength points are required for one additional Hit point. The Threshold value was not implemented in Drakensang.

A TV/ST-value of 12/2 would indicate, that a fighter with a ST of 14 would do one additional Hit Point of damage. If the fighter has ST 16, he does two additional Hit points of damage, etc.

Damage bonus = round((ST - threshold value)/Damage increment)

Battle base values[]

Maximum weight carried[]

The maximum weight that can be carried by a character, depends on the Strength value as well.