Drakensang English Wiki


Many close combat weapons can be applied extremely brutally. The Strength Bonus represents increased weapon damage due to sheer physical strength.

Example 1[]

  • Weapon: Khunchom Saber (Damage: 1D6 + 4, Strength Bonus: 12/3)
  • Meaning: The first number of Strength Bonus (12) indicates the minimum ST that is required to properly use the weapon. The second number (3) dictates the strength increments at which damage increases by 1.
  • Rhulana, who has ST 15, will do 1D6+5 Damage with this weapon. At ST 18, she will do 1D6 +6 Damage with it. ST 16 and 17 has no effect on weapon damage.

Example 2[]

  • Weapon: Flamefury (Damage: 3D6 + 2, ST Bonus: 15/1)
  • Forgrimm, with ST 17, does 3D6 + 4 damage. At ST 20, the damage becomes 3D6 + 7. If the player manages to increase his strength beyond 20 (with Elixir, Attributio Strength, equip him with Titanium Ring of Irrepressible Strength, etc), each extra point increases damage by 1.
  • Because of their significant Strength Bonus, Two-Handed Axes, especially the Flamefury, Barbarian Battle Axe and Dragonslayer Hammer are the weapons with highest damage output potential.