Drakensang English Wiki

The Talent Prowess (or TP) indicates, how well a hero can perform a certain Talent. If the hero does not possess a talent, he also does not have a Talent Prowess for it. Such talents can be obtained from Trainers in exchange for Experience Points and Ducats.

A talent prowess of 0 means, that the hero has learned the corresponding talent and that he can raise his talent prowess by spending Experience Points on it.

The maximum talent prowess to which a hero can raise a certain talent, is limited:

  • Spells and Combat talents: base value + level + 3
  • Talents: Base value + 2 * level + 3
  • No talent or spell may be raised higher than the highest attribute involved +3. For melee combat talents, the used attributes are AG, ST, for ranged talents it's DE, AG or ST.

The base value is the value which is displayed in Expert Mode of the character creation screen, after resetting the distribution of all the Experience Points.