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Temple of Praios

Like every temple of the Lord Praios, the Temple of Praios in Ferdok is beautiful. Located in Praios Square opposite the entrance to Ardo's Residence, Temple of Praios dominates the surrounding area.

The Devotee of Praios will ask you questions about his religion for which if you answer them correctly you are rewarded adventure points. Behind the Devotee of Praios upon the altar lies "The Twelvegods" in which you may read about Praios.


Connected Areas[]

Questions of the Devotee of Praios[]

  • If you answer correctly three questions of the Devotee of Praios' the first time he asks then he will ask you two more questions. If you get both these right also then you get +8 APs per party member.
  • If you fail to answer all five correctly the first time then you may still answer three of the Devotee of Praios' questions right in a row to obtain +5 APs per party member.

His Questions[]

The following questions are in no particular order.

Who is the keeper of Summer and bringer of the light?
Who maintains order and equilibrium in the world?
Who protects the heavenly disk of the sun?
Who is lord of all griffons and protector of lower beings?
Who watches over the hours of the night, when the Lord's eye rests?


  • The names on the tablets hanging from the walls have not been translated from German to English. The correct english names for "Jermoran", "Schelachar" and "Urischar" would be, respectively, "Yermoran", "Shelachar" and "Urishar".