Drakensang English Wiki

After Preparations for the Dragon Quest is finished, and the Dragon Oracle has named the hero or heroine Challenger of the Dragon Quest, and said what the first mission is, speak with Dorion. He will tell you that the Oracle wants you to go to Moorbridge and find and help Archmage Rakorium.

In the Inn in Moorbridge, you will find out that Rakorium was there, but left for the moors a couple of hours earlier. One of his novices, Rufus, came back to pick up a book he had forgotten. Go to the moors, and you will soon encounter the undead Rufus and his undead mule. Kill them, and continue. When you find Rakorium, he is surrounded by undeads, and he and Novice Nottel is protected behind a magic shield.

Kill the undeads, and the Necromancer, and return to Rakorium. He is making a brewery, but needs your help to find the ingredients. Find them, and he will reawaken the Lizard King Valonion. Kill Valonion, and return to Ferdok. This is the first Dragon Quest. The next is The Stolen Knowledge.

Important NPC`s[]

  • Dorion
  • Archmage Rakorium


  • Phase 1: Travel to Moorbridge
  • Phase 2: Find Rakorium
  • Phase 3: Search the Moors for Rakorium
  • Phase 4: Help Rakorium
  • Phase 5: Return to The Temple of Hesinde


  • Phase 1: Travel to Moorbridge
  • Phase 2 & 3: Rakorium is in the moors, under the lightning in the sky, marked on the map as "Grave of Valonion"
  • Phase 4: Complete the quest A Magicians Worry, and when he has the ingredients he will mix it to a brew, and apply it to the statue of Valonion. Valonion will awake, and you must kill him.
  • Phase 5: Return to the Temple of Hesinde and speak to Dorion


  • 50 AP for travelling to Moorbridge and freeing Bredo Bento
  • 30 AP for meeting Rufus
  • 30 AP for finding Archmage Rakorium
  • 20 AP and Greaves of Flame for defeating Valonion
  • 50 AP for the killing of Valonion and the rescuing of Rakorium
  • 200 AP for completing the quest at the Temple of Hesinde