Hunter Owlstone in Avestrue asks the heroes to take care of a dangerous bear. The Bear in Dark Forest has his hiding place in a cave in the northeastern section of the forest. It is the same cave in which you can also find Archmage Rakorium.

A short distance from the cave entrance there is a fork in the path. If you go straight ahead, you will meet the bear, if you take the left corridor through the wooden door, you will come across the archmage. If you have Rakorium in your party, then he will help to defeat the bear, making the fight very easy. Ofcourse the prerequisite is that you have accepted both quests, and have not completed them yet.

Relevant NPCsEdit

Questlog EntriesEdit

  • The Bear in Dark Forest
    • The hunter has asked me to slay a bear that lives in a cave near Berry Lake.
    • I have slain the bear. Owlstone the Hunter suggested that I try to sell the bear's head to the innkeeper. Apparently he has been looking for a trophy for his inn for some time now.
      • Slay the Bear
        • The bear allegedly lives in a cave near Berry Lake.
        • The bear was a formidable opponent, but I defeated it eventually.
      • Speak with Owlstone the Hunter
        • The bear is dead. I should go to Owlstone the Hunter and tell him of my success.
        • I took the bear's head to Owlstone the Hunter as proof of my success, but he didn't want to keep the trophy. He told me that the innkeeper migth be interested in purchasing the trophy for his fireplace. Perhaps I should go and see the innkeeper.


  • 30 AP and the Bear's head for the victory over the bear
  • 5 AP and 25 Thalers for informing Hunter Owlstone about the bear's death
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