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The Boron Deont of Moorbridge
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Vital statistics
Start Quest given by Bredo after you enter the village
End When you find Deont
Prerequisites Prerequisites
Level Level required
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Rewards Quest rewards
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Previous quests The Cleansing of the Crypts

When you arrive in Moorbridge you see that Bredo Bento is about to executed by the Bailiff Burgess Sheffler. You intercede for him.


Bredo Bento, the travelling peddlar (who you first met in Avestrue) has arrived in Moorbridge to bring goods to the Boron Deont. She is not in the village and he is worried. He asks you to look for her. He gives you a Jar of Leeches and a key he found in a rotted crate while travelling through the moors.


This quest can be completed while doing the quest for ArchMage. You find Boron Deont in one of the crypts. She is in the crypt closest to where you find the mandrake. She goes back to the village and asks you to seek her out there.


First go to Boron Deont and she gives you a healing potoin and then asks you to start the Quest "The Cleansing of the Crypts". She gives you holy water for this task. You tell Bredo Bento is waiting for her with the goods he has for her and won't come back to town because of Bailiff Burgess Sheffler. Return to Bredo after talking with her, he is waiting at the building on the outside of the village on stilts. He gives some perfume.

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