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The quest The Broken Fountain takes the party Beneath Ferdok once more. The fountain at the Main Market in the Ducal Citadel has stopped working, and a City Watchman asks the heroes to help him repair it.

The fountain is not functioning anymore, and the watchman has orders to report this to the local craftsman Ugosh, but he is nowhere to be found. There is no time to search for the dwarf, as the duke demands that the square shines in all brightness for the festivities in preparation of the Dragon Quest. So the watchman asks the party to accompany him and descend into the maintenance tunnel where the water regulation system is located, to locate and solve the problem.

In the maintenance tunnel Beneath Ferdok there are five levers that regulate the water flow. Smoke is rising from two of these levers - the first one and the fourth one. These two levers must point up, the other three need to point down. After that the Rope Winch on the right side needs to be activated, to let the water run again.

Exactly at this moment Master Ugosh shows up, and he is in a very bad mood. He turned off the fountain to clean the pump, and now he is completely covered with muck. But at least the water is flowing again...

Quest giver[]

Ferdok City Watchman (Ferdok, Ducal Citadel)

Questlog Entries[]

  • The Broken Fountain
    • The fountain on the main square is apparently broken. I've been asked by the Town Guard to help, as he has been given the task of getting the square ready for the upcoming festivities and he can't find the city handyman responsible for such things anywhere. He really seems to be at his wits' end.
    • Good as new! The rippling water is really pretty to look at and has such a soothing effect.
      • Help Repair the Fountain
        • Let's see if I can fix this: The position of the lever determines whether or not water flows. This should be possible with a bit of deduction.


20 AP and 2T for completing the quest