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The Devious Boat Merchant starts automatically when you pay the Boat Merchant at the Ugdan Harbor dock 1000 Ducats. Once you find out that he sold you a small boat and not a ship, he flees towards the Praios Square. There you can find him talking to the Shady Character, boasting about his masterstroke. But when you corner him and confront him, he will give you back the 1000 Ducats.

Quest giver[]

Boat Merchant (Ferdok, Ugdan Harbor)

Questlog Entries[]

  • The Devious Boat Merchant
    • That shameless Boat Merchant actually dared to palm this tiny nutshell off on me! I haven't seen such a brazen swindle in a long time and I won't stand for it!
    • Justice has been served and I've got my money back too. Let that be a lesson to him not to take advantage of people like that.
      • Follow the Boat Merchant
        • I won't let that fraud get away!
        • Where's he gone now? I'll have to look around a bit.
      • Find the Boat Merchant
        • Where's that scoundrel got to now? He'll be giving me back the 1000 ducats he owes me, even if I have to beat them out of him. But I'll have to find him first, and it doesn't look as though that's going to be so easy to do.
        • Caught!


  • 10 AP for following the Boat Merchant to Praios Square.
  • 15 AP for finding him again and confronting him.