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Fluffy the dancing bear has broken loose, and is just watching the fish. Firnjan the Bearmaster wants you to help him get her back. Go to the animal, and cast the spell Meek You Be on the bear, and the bear will calm down.

An additional way to calm the bear down is to have a relatively high Animal Lore skill

Quest giver[]

Questlog Entries[]

  • The Escaped Dancing Bear
    • The animal tamer from the Festival Square is missing his dancing bear. The animal is quite placid as long as you let it watch the fish in the river, but it won't go back on its chain. I'm supposed to try to pacify it before it really gets hungry.
    • The animal tamer is overjoyed to know that his bear is safe once more.
      • Pacify the Bear
        • I'm supposed to pacify the bear. Let's see if this works. (requires Animal Lore 12)
        • I was able to pacify the bear long enough for the trainer to get his leash on him. No one is in danger any longer, although it's impossible to imagine such a peaceable creature doing anyone any harm.


  • 5 AP for pacifying the bear
  • 30 AP for completing the quest