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The Highlords Mask Head

Inventory image of the Highlord's Mask

Rare artifact from the an early Aventurian age. The Highlord's Mask Head lets the wearer appear mysterious and secretive. Unfortunately the edges of the mask cut slightly into the skin.


CH +3



Armor Value[]

  • Head (1)


0.4 Stone

Worth Knowing[]

This mask was meant exclusively for buyers, who pre-ordered the retail version of Drakensang from Amazon. They received a special code which they can enter in conversation with Erna Goodbeet in Avestrue.

Without pre-order[]

People who did not pre-order from Amazon, but do not want to do without this gadget full of TDE history, can find the required code in the file "Static.db4" in the Drakensang directory.

All you have to do is open the file [Drive]:...\Drakensang\export\db\static.db4 with Notepad or another editor and search for the text "Keyword". There are several 6-digit codes there, and they all work (eg.: "IM3Z91" or "PY66M4"). Note that entry of the codes is case sensitive.

You only have to look up this code once, because they will always remain the same. For people who bought the Collector's Edition of the game this code was printed on the box, so it cannot simply be changed.


The Highlord's Mask was actually included in the first edition of The Dark Eye. It was intended for the game master, but because of its looks and the tight elastic straps it was cause for quite a bit of amusement among the players.